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Move From Paper Based School Management To SchooliT

Move From Paper Based School Management To SchooliT

Many schools today still depend on paper based school management.  If we look at academic information management such as reports creation, each class teacher in the School has to enter the student marks in result sheets. They will have to spend time entering marks for all the subjects, then calculate the total and grades for each of the subjects.  This activity they have to do after every test, it would take at least a week after the assessments to enter all the scores for the students.

If the school conducts 9 tests and 3 exams in an academic year and say they have 10 classes and 10  teachers,   1200 man hours in a given Year will be spent on report card preparation for the entire school. If the same work is done using SchooliT, it would only take 150 man hours for a year.

If your school does not do it manually but use excel sheet to do the calculations, in this case you are only saving time on calculations, you would spend more time entering data for all the students in different excel sheets and arranging them, formating them and taking printouts. It will only save 20% of the time. But you will spend more  time  on formating and managing your excel sheets.

To setup excel sheets for every test, exam and for every year becomes a tedious task. And it becomes difficult to manage excel sheets over a couple of years.  With SchooliT, once you input data it does all the calculations and formating, all the teacher has to do is hit ‘publish’ to get the report cards. The other advantage is that you can go back and forth between tests and exams as well as across academic sessions to track the performance of the students over the years.  You can generate various graphs and reports for the same data at a click of a mouse.

Many schools are switching to electronic school management while a lot more are lagging behind.  Excel sheets seem to solve the problem to a certain extent but it becomes unmanageable over the years; moreover parents cannot access their ward’s results remotely.

SchooliT helps schools to manage schools in a simple and smart way. It is a time saver for the School Management and for the teachers as well.

SchooliT Administrative Software is Time Efficient

SchooliT Administrative Software is Time Efficient

The ever-challenging task of being a school administrator or a teacher can be aided through the use of online software to manage schools. If you are not using software to manage school-time tasks, report cards and other school day activities, then you are not making the best use of your time and you are also falling behind on what today’s technology can offer you.

Many teachers and administrators are using specially designed software to help them keep track of all the things they need to manage. The use of online school administration software not only helps you to manage school activities on a daily basis but it is also a more efficient use of your time.

How many times have you felt as though there is just not enough time during the school day to get everything done? What if you could make use of today’s fantastic technology and online school administration software to use your time more efficiently and get things done in a timelier manner? Wouldn’t you use this kind of software to make things easier for you? I am sure that you would certainly consider it as a better option.

There are so many responsibilities you have as a teacher and an administrator of a school. Teachers have lesson plans, progress reports, reading assignments, report cards and so many other things to manage before, during and after the school day that it can be quite tiring.

Add to these already time-consuming tasks, the unexpected things that can happen in the classroom, and you really feel overwhelmed. Administrators have even more to manage as often there are directors, teachers, students and other faculty to deal with which can be extremely stressful.

You can make your life as a teacher or an administrator easier and simpler by utilizing the features that online school administration software has to offer to you. Here is a chance for you to take a step back and make sure that you and your staff have the right tools to work with. This is where SchooliT comes in. SchooliT is a school management software for the complete management of all aspects of a school electronically.

With SchooliT you would be able to keep track of which students you have graded and which ones still must be graded. You could easily get right back to where you left off in any task, easily draw up past reports as well as give parents access to them. Moreover you could view the status of any task that needs to be completed and print report cards with the simple click of the mouse.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this. Imagine the time you can save and the things you can accomplish ith SchooliT.

Why You Need An Electronic School Management Software

Why You Need An Electronic School Management Software

Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions disseminate an enormous amount of paperwork each day, which is overwhelming at times. In case there is a group of schools under one management, the burden is even bigger because you need to manage the staff, financial records, access to data and the flow of information in general. This is why you need an electronic school management software like SchooliT to help manage and run your entities effectively. This article offers a preview of what you will expect from such a school management software.

Proper Management of Student Information 

The fundamental goal of any school is to educate a student. This is why a management software is essential, allowing you to keep accurate records regarding a student’s performance, disciplinary procedures as well as physical and mental states. Sensitive material such as psychological evaluations is kept safe from unauthorized access. Wherever there is a drop in performance or a decline in mental alertness, it is easy to track a particular student’s record because everything is stored safely in an electronic system. SchooliT offers a robust and searchable database that can access any student’s records in seconds.

Proper Administration of Financial Records 

From incoming invoices to payroll records and contractor payments, there is a great deal of work that goes into managing financial information in a school setting. This is because school fee records, application fee records, payrolls, purchase orders and receipts have to be put together and managed effectively. With a web-based electronic management system, however, the accountants and administrators can access various records concurrently. Besides, financial documents are available when needed and will be kept safe unlike pieces of paperwork that are bound to get lost. You need SchooliT to manage income, expenses, liabilities and payrolls in one or multiple schools.

Effective Management of Human Resource

Human resource management in a school setting will determine employee output and consequently influence the institution’s performance. This system gives the comfort of document management, which means you can compile every bit of information concerning a particular teacher. The management finds it easy to follow individual certification requirements, performance trends and vacation approvals. This way, you will ensure that teachers are competent and comfortable enough to deliver to their highest potentials. The HR Module of SchooliT even provides different access levels for each employee within the application. This way accountants for example, can be given the privilege to access only financial data of the school.


It Reclaims Productive Space

A paper-based system offers little room for growth because there is need for more space as the number of students rises. This is not the case with electronic management because storage and sharing of data is electronic. Staff members no longer need a central space in order to access the information that they need. From the comfort of their offices, they can access different databases and this is precisely what you require to make good use of valuable real estate. With SchooliT all relevant data in safely stored in our cloud servers and backed up daily to prevent any data loss.

Informed Decision Making

Decision making requires extensive data from enrollment history, academic performance, attendance records and employee records. With an electronic management system, such data is easy to share within the school and with other institutions and by so doing; management can make sound and informed decisions that will benefit the schools.

In summary, there is much that can be achieved through an electronic school management software like SchooliT. While various regulations require schools to move from paperwork to electronic systems, you should see beyond these and focus on the benefits that SchooliT will accrue.